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Special profiles

  • Special profiles
Special profiles

Special profiles

  • Triangle tube
  • Hexagonal tube
  • Handrail tube
  • Oval tube
  • Product description: HongYue Stainless steel manufactures and supplies high quality of stainless steel special profiles with variety sizes and grades in China. Contact for the reasonable prices in China!

HongYue Stainless steel special profiles is the tube with shapes except round and square tubes. It includes shapes of Oval, triangle, arched, fan, armchair, hexagonal, etc. For the grades of materials; the stainless steel special shaped tube generally use the material quality higher than 304 due to the moulding difficulties.

Types by different shape

Oval Tube; Triangle Tube; Embossed Tube; Door Frame Tube; Flat Oval Tube; Fan Shaped Tube; Arched Tube; Hexagon Tube; airchair Tube; Plum Blossom Shaped Tube

Available Surface for the special shaped tube

No.1, 2B, Matte Finish, Brushed Finished, #400 Bright, #600 Bright, 6K Mirror, 8K Mirror, 180 Grit Hair line, 320 Grit Hair Line, 320 Grit Hair Line

Available Grades for the special shaped tube

201, 202, 304, 304L, 310S, 316, 316L, 430

Why Us

1. We have our own rolling mill so that we can produce the Stainless steel sheet by ourselves to control the cost of our tube production.

2. We have own QC team to control the quality to meet particular standard strictly.

3. Various grades of stainless steel materials are available.

4. We can produce either standard or non-standard of the stainless steel tube

5. Short delivery time.

6. Professional consulting service as we have been in this industry for 20 years

Round Tube

Square Tube

Rectangular Tube

Oval Tube

Decorative Tube

Flat Oval Tube

Hexagonal Tube

Triangle Tube

Handrail Tube

Fan Shaped Tube

Arched Shape Tube

Seamless Tube

Seamless Tube

Capillary Tube

Inner Polished Tube

A554 Tube

A249 Tube

A269 Tube

A270 Tube

A312 Tube

Single Slot Round Tube

Single Slot Rectangular Tube

Double Slot Round Tube

Double Slot Square Tube