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What are the advantages of ductile iron manhole covers compared to steel?

In the past, many manhole covers were basically steel. With the development of our economy, we are slowly switching to ductile iron manhole covers. So many people have doubts? Why do you like to use ductile iron manhole covers now? Today, the spheroidal iron manhole cover manufacturers have come to make a comparison for everyone. Who is better than the two?

Ductile iron is a new type of material. The use of steel in people's lives can be seen everywhere. Steel and ductile iron are different in comparison. Steel has a good finish, and steel can be seen as an ornament in people's lives, which can bring color to people's lives. Although ductile iron does not have a smooth finish, it has a good smoothness and can be put into a pipeline for conveying oil. Compared with steel, spheroidal graphite cast iron has high toughness and will not deform under the pressure of the ground. There is also no corrosion.
Compared with steel pipes made of ductile iron, ductile iron pipes are cheaper to produce and can be put into the use of water pipes. The water pipes used in family life are polyethylene plastic pipes. People use such pipes for a long time. It will bring harm to people's body. If it is made of ductile iron pipe, it will not cause scale on the inner wall of the pipe, which will bring health to people's body and bring life protection.


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