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HongYue Stainless Steel is a ISO 9001 certified Stainless steel tube Manufacturer of Stainless steel tube products based in Foshan-Guangdong where is known as a  Town of Stainless steel, provide stainless steel coil/sheet, pipe/tubing, bar/wire. The company was initially established in 1994, began with individual workshop for the sheet metal. HongYue Stainless Steel is now growing to a leading Stainless steel manufacturer in China. The majority of our staff have been working in the Stainless steel industry for over 5 years so that we can provide a comprehensive and flexible range of Stainless steel tube products and services. HongYue Stainless Steel leads among its competitors by constantly monitoring and responding to market trends in order to add value on our products and services. Meanwhile, we try our best to reduce our clients  cost to make sure our customers are competitive enough in their markets. ...



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