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Decorative tube

  • Electroplating Tube
Electroplating Tube

Electroplating Tube

  • Size: 6-300mm
  • WT: 0.3-30mm
  • Length: Can be customized
  • Pattern: Can be customized
  • Product description: HongYue Stainless steel manufactures and supplies high quality of stainless steel embossed tubes with variety sizes and grades in China. Contact for the reasonable prices in China!

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of stainless steel wood color galvanized tube in China, HongYue supplies high quality various sizes, Surface for the stainless steel wood color galvanized tube.


1. The tube is different with the tube made by wood; it doesn't release HCOOH and TOL

2. It has high resistance of salt mist

3. It has high corrosion resistance

4. It has high wear resistance

5. It has damproof, fireproof, soundproof.


Sizes: Can be customised

Standard: A554

Color: Customized


Hotel project, bathroom decoration, kitchenware, general decoration, doors and windows.

Round Tube

Square Tube

Rectangular Tube

Oval Tube

Decorative Tube

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Seamless Tube

Seamless Tube

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A554 Tube

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