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Nov 30-Stainless steel market in China(201/304)

2016. 11. 30. Thursday.

Exchange Rate: 1 USD=6.85 Chinese Yuan(prices include tax)

Market in China: The transaction rate of 201 cold rolled prices are in the range of 8900-9100 Chinese Yuan; 201 J1 Hot rolled stainless steel 8500-8800 Chinese Yuan; 201 J3 Hot rolled stainless steel 8400-8500 Chinese Yuan.

304 Cold rolled slit stainless steel coil- Zhangpu stainless steel 16600 Chinese Yuan, Tisco 16600, Jisco 16200 Chinese Yuan.

*The New company China BaoWu Steel Group will take inaugural meeting in Shanghai on 1st December. The Baosteel and Wu steel announced to engage strategic restructure on 26th June. Baosteel becomes parent company after restructure. Baosteel changes the name to Baowu Steel. Baosteel's annual steel output was 34.9 millions tons, and Wu Steel's annual steel output was 25.8 millions tons in 2015. After restructure, Baowu Steel out put exceed 60 millions tons, and becomes 2nd largest steel group in the world.

*LME Nickle dropped 3.2% to 11,150 USD/ton


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